Project Brief

Survival Game

This unnamed sidescroller game (temporarily named Colombia Survival) is based around the experience of needs in Colombia. The game will require you to consume certain resources within a time period of eachother in order for you to survive. The game will feature false resources (bad) and enemies (also bad). These resources and enemies will be accurate in their portrayal so as to educate as well as entertain. However, creative license will be taken (such as enlarging enemies and unrealistic jumping distances) so as to be more visually appealing. As a sidescrolling game, the majority of my work for this project will be in processing working with code. However, the creation of 2d art assets will also be necessary.

Code for GPS Viz

//Get GPS data from CSV
import processing.opengl.*;

float maxLong=-75.8268966675;
float minLong= -75.692741394;
float minLat= 6.33245897293;
float maxLat= 6.57979154587;
float maxAlt= 1754.02160645;
float minAlt= 452.191711426;

float valuex;
float valuey;
float valuez;
float l;
float rotX;
float rotY;

Table table;

void setup() {
 table = loadTable("santafe.csv", "header");

 println(table.getRowCount() + " total rows in table"); 
void draw(){
for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
 //int id = row.getInt("id");
 float altitude = row.getFloat("alt");
 float latitude = row.getFloat("lat");
 float longitude = row.getFloat("lon");

void mouseDragged()
 rotX += (mouseX-pmouseX) * 0.01 ; //150-600
 rotY -= (mouseY - pmouseY) * 0.01;



Project Idea

I plan on using recorded sounds from the metro, the metro cable, walking in the city and at parquet arvi, and buses to create a composition for each of these means of transportation.  Then, I want to put these samples into processing so that people can create a live composition of their own, hoping that this would emphasize the subjectivity of the same experiences when traveling.  If possible, and I have enough time, I may also add the samples into a processing program that would randomize the sounds to add another layer to the differences that can be made from the same source.

Animated Video

Jon and I will be working on a 3D animated video depicting the life of the city through music and motion. The buildings will pulse up and down with the beat of the song and the camera will follow the van driving through the city.

I will primarily be focusing on modelling, texturing, and animating the van in Maya.

My Project Idea – Mi Idea Del Proyecto – Ryan Walker

My project idea is to create a series of animations or images that the viewer can cycle through that compare life in Colombia with life in the United States. I have a few ideas for categories.


Mi idea del proyecto es crear una serie de animaciones o imágenes que el espectador puede repasar de que comparar la vida en Colombia con la vida en los Estados Unidos. Tengo algunos ideas para categorías.


I am making a website which will include a journal of sorts of my experiences here, an about me, and at the very least galleries of images but hopefully something a little more interactive like a map with pins in it where you can hover over the pins to see the categories of pictures the website will have. Currently my ideas for the categories include flowers, landscapes, and culture of Colombia, but these might change based on the pictures I am able to take. I really want to try to make everything Spanish too! I will see when I get to the journals though, those will take me a long time to translate. I will make the site online through the server space I have through Purdue.

~Joe Rapier


Se me ocurre trabajar el tema religioso en medellin pero de una manera tal vez irónica y burlesca en la manera en que en las afueras de estas iglesias hay miles de personas vendiendo minutos, camandulas y tratando de conseguir su día a día.

Así que se me ocurre una instalación en donde retrate la entrada a una iglesia con las luces de sus ventanales y en los laterales las imagenes de los santos… con estos santos se me ocurre hacer animaciones y sonidos de por ejemplo san pedro vendiendo minutos, pero cuando alguien se acerque para observarlos estos vuelvan a su estado santo…. Creo que necesito una asesoría jajaja pero esta es maso-menos la idea que tengo