Melissa Pareja Proposal

I dont know exactly what i’m going to do for my formalization. I know i want to use bird sounds as part of it and maybe some 3D modeling of typical Colombian homes. I want to do a type of map formalization but i also dont want to use Processing. I was thinking of maybe doing a 3D model of parts of the city and doing a video of the camera moving throughout the streets along with an audio that included sounds you would typically hear on the streets like salsa music, birds, rain, motorcycles and cars beeping, people talking and laughing. The 3D modeling will probably take several days so i dont know how realistic my idea is because i want to make a video of around 5 minutes of the camera going around the 3D city. Im going to base my models off of pictures and sketches and maybe use Google earth as a reference as well. I would really like to use a map in Processing that moves along with the video showing the several points and paths, but im not sure because i’ve been struggling with processing so i might also just end up doing a hand-drawn map, but thats just an idea. The only thing im 100% sure of is i definitely want to use audio sounds that mix the urban and also natural culture of Medellin.

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