Project Game Plan

One of the first things that caught my attention when I arrived in Medellín was the architecture and how much it differed from that in West Lafayette, Indiana. One major aspect I noticed about the buildings here is that many of the designs bring the outdoors in with open concepts. There is also a large amount of nature present in the city, especially in comparison to what I have seen in other urban areas. It’s fantastic to be able to pass busy shops, restaurants, and traffic but also immense trees at the same time. In those areas it feels like the city was built around and with the nature. I have also enjoyed many of the blocky, modern designs which then juxtapose with some more traditional structures (like with the religious buildings). The graffiti and murals that can be seen in any direction have been constantly catching my eye. They’re truly works of art. Since they are everywhere, for me, it creates a feeling like the people of Medellín are taking part in designing their city by painting their artwork and making statements out in the open for everyone to see. It is these aspects of Medellín that have been the source of inspiration for my project.

I would like to create an abstract piece that represents the style of the architecture here as well as how nature and the citizens are intertwined with their design. Because I am new to CGT, this has been my first time using programs like Processing and Blender. Therefore, I don’t think I could create my best work using them for my project. Instead, I plan on creating a piece on canvas and use a couple different mediums. I’m hoping to do a bit of sculpting with clay as well as use paint. The piece will be a representation of the difference between the architecture and feel of the city at home compared to Medellín. At the top there will be Lafayette. To create it I want to sculpt cubes painted in neutral colors and placed uniformly in a grid. Then the cubes will move down the canvas to represent coming to Medellín. They will progressively become more colorful and less uniform. Then in the Medellín section they will be stacked on top of each other with organic shapes coming out of it to represent nature intertwining with the architecture. It is with the more random, layered placement of the blocks and organic shapes that I hope to create the feeling I get in some of the buildings, which is that they’re alive and a part of nature rather than imposing on it. I also want to represent the graffiti and murals, which will either be done more abstractly with use of color or I might go more literal by painting a graffiti-style design of my own. I plan to decide this specific point of the piece once I start working and see what I feel then.  If I am unable to get the sculpting materials for this work, then I plan on trying to create the same feel with just paint.

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