Night Life in Medellin – Guillermo and Alex

Between Guillermo and I, our idea is to create a map of college student “hotspots” around la universidad de antioquia. We plan to go and interview students on campus where they like to go for fun. We plan to take data and sample questions like “What is the name of the restaurant/bar?” “What is the quality of the place”, “How much is it?” “What kind of music do they play?” and we will ask them if they would go to that place. We will take the number of people that recommend a place and display the information visually with a different sized pulsating circle. We plan to make this map interactive by allowing the user to get information by clicking on a pulsating circle and displaying our data visually. We will color coordinate places and create a key to display how good a place is to go for fun. This program will be completed in Processing.

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